Stax Ventures

Musicstax is a website which allows you to discover the key and BPM of over 100 million songs. Each month, over 1 million people visit the website.
Musicstax Metrics
Musicstax Metrics has one of the largest databases of Spotify Popularity scores - with almost 1 billion popularity scores tracked across tens of millions of songs.
sciBRIGHT is a science YouTube channel started in 2013. Since then our videos have seen over 4 million views, with a selection of our videos used in Universities and High Schools around the world.
YouTube development videos.
Music production

Private Investments

Invivo Wines
Award winning winery, working with celebrities Graham Norton and Sarah Jessica Parker.
All Good NZ
One of New Zealand's largest producers of Oat Milk.
Zeffer Cider
Craft cider company based in New Zealand, including products such as alchoholic lemonade and ginger beer.
Behemoth Beers
Award winning brewery based in Auckland New Zealand.
Car sharing company primarily in Auckland and Wellington, allowing you to unlock private cars through your phone and rent them by the minute.